Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pakistan turns into a "free sex zone"!

That's right, ladies and gents. Interested in a little carefree sex in a laid-back atmosphere? Look no further than the glorious state of Pakistan.

A recent vote by Pakistan's national assembly has decided that rape cases will no longer be tried under Shari'a law, where women must provide four male witnesses to prove their case, and punishments for being a rape victim include lashing or stoning. Instead, such cases will be tried in a normal court, under civil law, where perpetrators might actually be convicted of rape. In a country where a woman is raped every two hours, and one is gang-raped every eight, religious critics are absolutely right in claiming that this bill will encourage "free sex" - for once women will be able to freely decide when they want to have sex, and when they don't.

So keep it in your pants, boys.


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