Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Singapore Airlines: the docile, Asian American Apparel?

Ok so there are no spread legs, tight-bummed (underage) girls in thongs, or suggestive captions (such as the most recent that I've seen on the bus: the word "tight" accompanying a picture of a topless young girl in nothing but pantyhose sticking her rear-end out suggestively at the camera, implying to the audience that the description doesn't just apply to her attire)...

But Singapore Airlines' advertisements, which appear in full-page format in magazines such as the Economist, appeal to another male fantasy. I'll let you guess which one:

I mean, they may as well promise brothels full of "comfort women" upon landing. Oh, wait, according to Shinzo Abe last week, those never existed. What's that, Shinzo? Time to apologize for the gang rape of hundreds of thousands of women?


Blogger Det. Rhiannon Brock said...

Well if these women weren't waitin gon Whitey hand and foot you just know they'd be all dragony and dominant with a whip, leather and everything. That's just how it is. Duh.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:26 PM  

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