Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Why rich men like to date Montreal barmaids

First of all, Canada finally has a society magazine! Just like the Hamptons! And what a society magazine it is, people. Printed on the glossy pages of the autumn issue is an article written by a wealthy (crescent street trolling) man who likes to date Montreal barmaids... and not just any barmaids, oh no. According to our friend (who deserves a swift kick in the nuts) 'Simon Dice', students working at bars to pay their way through school are just no fun. Here's a little guide to help you tell the difference between them and the ideal barmaid/piece of meat:

Why do Mr.Dice and his friends seek these girls out? Well, naturally, because those belonging to the category on the right have a vulnerable care-free attitude, and these guys feel the need to help them out. The poor things. The worst part is, these girls probably feel lucky to have landed one of these fat, bmw-driving, Pino restaurant-dining, Newtown happy hour-attending assholes. Or is the worst part that men like our friend Simon exist in the first place? (L - if you're wondering why I haven't found the sugar daddy of my dreams...)

Please take the time to read the article/embarassment-to-the-field-of-journalism below, which I took the time to scan and upload just to prove to you all (and to posterity?) that I'm not making this up. If you can make it past the glaring typos, misspellings and horrificly 'gino' grammar, you'll come across GEMS like these:

"all the good ones are taken already and what's left out there is a bunch of desperate spinsters"

"typical woman, always finding a problem and making it bigger than life"

barmaid: "back in Russia the men treat us like objects, and you treat us like human beings" (emphasis added)

- desperate spinster, montreal


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