Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Benghazi? Ben-crazy!

These five Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian doctor have just been sentenced to death (by firing squad) for the second time. All five were working at Benghazi hospital (in Libya) when an AIDS epidemic broke out, infecting 400 children. So the Libyan president immediately drew the most rational conclusion: it was clearly "orchestrated by either the CIA or Mossad, the Israeli security service", and these health care workers had been sent there to carry out this eeeeevil Zionist plan. As you would. Read the whole story if you haven't already.

And now look at the picture more closely. The Palestinian doctor is kinda cute, right?


Blogger Det. Rhiannon Brock said...

That's my girl. Focusing on the issues!

But what's th ebig deal about what they did? It's not like HIV leads to AIDS.

4:14 PM  
Blogger Det. Rhiannon Brock said...

Oh and I think I found you a lover. I didn't actually read anything but this guy's (actually, I'm just assuming it's a guy) name, but whatevs...

10:04 AM  

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