Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kentucky Creation Museum Sets the Record Straight

Christian anti-Darwinist ministry Answers in Genesis finally opened the doors to their Creation Museum last week in Kentucky, and after reading about this tour I've decided that I have to go. I simply have to.

The earth? Created in six 24-hour days about 6,000 years ago. Dinosaurs and people? Lived on earth at the same time apparently. According to Ken Ham, CEO of the aforementioned ministry, "They all had to exist at the same time because they were all made on the same day. There may not be any fossil evidence showing dinosaurs and people in the same place at the same time. But it is clearly written that they were alive at the same time." Ah, I see. Excellent logic, Ken.

The museum is organized according to "Six C's of History: creation, corruption, catastrophe, confusion, Christ, and the final C, consummation" (anyone living in Montreal today has clearly seen that this last C is on its way).

The scariest part is that a poll conducted before the opening of this museum revealed that 40% of Americans are comfortable with the idea of Creationism, whereas only 39% believe that humans developed from earlier species of Animals (choke, cough). I have an idea. Why don't we Canadians extend immigration visas to that 39%, send Harper and the rest of the population of Alberta down south, seal the borders, and live in our own peaceful, rational little colony? Ooh, and we can send all of Quebec's union leaders down there while we're at it. Anyone else?


Blogger Paul Phelps said...

Seems to me I already blogged this on January 14, 2007.

10:32 PM  
Blogger DJ Ogo said...

Seems to me, Adam's kind of hot. Do you know how old he is? I've recently been traumatised.

5:37 PM  
Blogger Det. Rhiannon Brock said...

Clearly, Eve's the hot one. As usual.
And way to crib off Paul Phelps. And Salon.com. And The Gazette. All *my*site's content is 100% original.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Lady N said...

go to hell, all of you

4:55 PM  
Anonymous BgA said...

Hell ? You mean that underground fire spa where everyone runs around naked ? Any fossils there ?

6:41 AM  

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