Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The burkini has arrived

No, that's not what it looks like. I'd totally wear one if it was, though. But the burkini does exist, thanks to its invention by a Sydney-based Muslim designer. Muslim women can now take to the beach in one of these sexy little numbers! (appreciative whistle)


Blogger Det. Rhiannon Brock said...

don't you remember like eight years ago when i wanted to do a sexy photo shoot with all the models in hijabs? hmm?

ahh the burkini. here's a question- if women are so disgusting and precious and vile and chrished they can't even show their necks, maybe they shouldn't be splashing around in public at all. they should be in their windowless rooms, praying for their sins and waiting for their husbands and/or fathers to return so they can serve them dinner.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Det. Rhiannon Brock said...

(question, statement, what's the difference?)

10:07 AM  
Blogger DJ Ogo said...

I'm torn between finding it clever and absolutely ridiculous (or at least, contradictory). I don't know. I think I just might never be able to know.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats not how the burkini looks u stupid idiot... and women are not disgusting they are precious and some1 like u will never understand go look into islam and the quran and see how many rights women have they have more rights than men. so b4 u wana make it clear that ur a racist who hates muslims look in2 islam b4 talkin about it.. ive come across ppl like u, ur old and alone and have nothing betta 2 do in life than be the racist person u are. and no they wnt stay home 2 serve theyre fathers and husbands bcause a women in islam is not a slave shes a diamond a precious stone that her father or husband need 2 prtoect make her happy make her feel safe make her laugh keep her warm provide the necessities for there home and if a muslim women wants 2 go to the beach covering her body parts its none of ur business this is a free country and we can do as we please i knw u australians think u own australia and u like 2 throw comments 2 go back 2 where we came from but most of us are born here number 1 and number 2 look at urself first when u throw comments like that we'll say we came by planes u came by chains this country is for aboriginals not white australians OK sweety so b4 speakin about islam look in2 it.. u might b surprised with wat u read in our books than wat u hear on the news.

12:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is not what a burkini looks like... and i dont know what and who gives u ppl the right to make fun of muslim women...at least we are decent enough to cover and yet get the best men...we dont have to go around publicize our flesh in order to get attract men...believe me, most of the uncovered women wish they didnt have to go thru so much trouble just to get ppl to sneak a peak at them..RIDICULOUS

4:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous.... You should think, research before you jump into conclusions..... you bloody white Australians are sooo ignorant and arrogant.....what harm do us muslims cause you... we cover ourselves up and we go by our daily cores without inturrupting or interferring in your lives.... you are the ones who are afraid and scared of us.... yet we try to be polite and decent to you. It our right as Muslim women to cover up all we wish... plus we dont go around publicly wanting to gain attension and to show that we are desperate.... we are taught the true morals and values of live by our religion.... ISLAM is a way of life not a burden..... you should probably try to go seek information from a nearby mosque regarding the Quran and Islam.... it would most likely open unlocked doors for you.... and make you a better person! Islam is not to fight.... but what are we to do when we are targeted and cornered by Australians such as yourself.... and then you call Australia Multicultural! Dear freind.... plzzz dont jump into stereotypes.... :) Thank you

10:42 AM  
Anonymous ali backfar said...

yes our women have many many more rights than you western scum. the women appreciate how special they are and how vile and corrupt you are. that you want to stare at them with lust and desire, that is why they are covered. you lust for them like you lust for our oil, our land. your evil idiot president tries to impose his stupid ideas, he will burn in hell sure as he is destroying your own country. allah will show him who is in charge. you will all die.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Plong said...

Wow!!!! It is a strange mind set as a religious leader to say things like this and from all Anonymous Teller!!!

This is exactly what she said and sorry guys I agree with her 100%

I have been in Morocco and I've seen issues like this. Most of those women are trap in poverty and political culture lead by men and it goes both sides.

If the Coran say so, the Coran is 100% Wrong and Women 100% Right! Simple as that!!!! Niet! This ridiculus even outrageous to think their is a good or a bad reason to beat a women or a child!!!!!!

But seriously........think defferent.

Culturally, the success or failure of a culture is essentially in the hands of people. If these people are not cross culturally aware then misunderstandings, offence and ''Free'' violence agains women occur as a RESULT.

Beating Women may be seen as the collective condition of poor people, or of poor groups, and in this sense entire nation-states are sometimes regarded as poor.

Keep us inform !!!
Patrice, Montreal

6:28 PM  
Anonymous KK said...

Islam is a race now? Someone alert the folks at National Geographic!

I am truly, TRULY suprised that 'anonymous' agrees with 'anonymous.'

9:17 PM  

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