Thursday, July 26, 2007

If we stop drinking alcohol, then the terrorists have won

(although I really do hate that warm beer in the plastic cups... unless I'm at the Jazz Fest and have no choice)

Private citizens, behold yet another way that each of us can do our part to fight Islamic fundamentalism. Drink beer! Better yet, drink beer at Kamal "Van Damme" (yes named after our favourite action movie star)'s treehouse/bar in rural Algeria!

Located in Kabylie region, an Islamist stronghold, this Berber 'aint gonna let these t---lheads tell him what to do. According to eyewitnesses, he didn't even stop serving when a group of Islamists ambushed a military patrol vehicle just 400 metres away (though most of his clients ran away). Oh no, this long-haired, bare-chested mountain man (ooh, don't you just want to meet him?) will not be intimidated by a bunch of sober holier-than-thou militiamen, no siree.

Bottoms up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girl, you so crazy! I love it. You are too insightful and intelligent for this regime. God Bless you!

10:39 PM  

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