Wednesday, June 27, 2007

You Clearly Need a Man to Save Women in the Sea

I'm direct-quoting this post by Jen on Feministing, cause it's perfect as is:

Italy recently opened its first women-only (almost) beach. Great? Uh, not so much. The article says,

"Italy’s long-standing tradition of male chauvinism has been delivered a bitter blow with the opening of the country’s first women-only beach."

Hmm, so far so good. Wait, I see trouble brewing...

"The man ban is accompanied by a restriction on loud disco music and traditional beach food such as deep-fried squid and chips."

Girls hate loud music and fried food. Well, some must, right? Not anyone I know, but it's possible.

"lessons in deportment, manicures, pedicures, keep-fit classes and cookery lessons from a well-known chef are the order of the day."

Thank goodness. The things most lacking in the beaches I go to are cooking and "deportment" lessons. Who the hell takes classes at the beach? Anyone here been to the beach in Italy? Are they all like the Learning Annex? Oh, and about that woman-only thing. There is, of course, an exception. The entire staff is female as well, except for the lifeguard. Why? Good question. Let's find out. The (male) owner of the beach claims

"The lifeguard must be a man. You clearly need a man to save women in the sea. It’s a question of muscles."

Hmm. I'm not sure "clearly" is the word I'd use. Oh, and in case you're thinking it, please spare me the comments about how men tend to be stronger than women. Lifeguard training is lifeguard training. If this is supposed to be a women-only space, then there should only be female life guards. Besides, who has time to drown with all those mani-pedis?


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