Thursday, February 01, 2007

Keep it in your pants, Israel

Only a short while after the scandalalous rape and sexual abuse charges were leveled against Israel's president Moshe Katsav, former justice minister Haim Ramon has been convicted of "forcibly kissing" a 21-year-old female soldier at a "let's bomb the shit out of Lebanon" shindig at the Defense Ministry this summer. He claims she was flirting with him, and that therefore the kiss was consensual. She has countered that he is 8 years older than her father, and that no-one in their right mind would flirt with him. Apparently, what he considers "flirting" is her asking him to pose in a picture with her. For Katsav, it was enough that these women simply worked in the same office as him.

Now, I would like to direct your attention to the two photos above. Ramon (top) and Katsav (bottom), I have a message for you: you are old, ugly, fat, and disgusting. Nobody is ever going to flirt with you, nobody ever did, and if you ever got laid it was because you exploited your positions of power. Go hire yourselves some prostitutes like everyone else (I hear there are a lot of Iraqi women offering their services in Syria now since all other ways to earn a livelihood have been destroyed)

(p.s. this is purely an anti-Israeli government officials rant, and has nothing to do with my feelings for the Jewish people or faith. I love Jews! Right P.P.?)


Blogger Det. Rhiannon Brock said...

Ha ha! Paul's initials are PP! (And his *real* initials are even worse). Also, he's a Zionest. To the extreme!!!

1:21 PM  
Anonymous A. said...

Well, E.T. are your real initials, Detective, and that's pretty funny too.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Paul Phelps said...

My real initials? Ah yes. Paul Albert Phelps. PAP. Just like what my blog blogs. Lord help me, why didn't I see that one coming?

I'm afraid I can't confirm or deny your sensible fear and virulent hatred of Jews. But based on your posting, I would welcome your input on my upcoming blog theme "Nazi Week II: Electric Boogaloo".

1:10 AM  

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