Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Canada's Conservative government = a bunch of good-for-nothing jerks

Oh, what's that, Stephen Harper and John Baird? (Oh and let's not leave out the Honourable Ms. Ambrose, who after all is responsible for that infamous piece of legislation, the Clean Air Act.) Your government is getting sued for not doing its job? For failing to do a single constructive thing to help protect its citizens from the greatest threat that mankind has ever faced? Interesting. Congratulations, Canada on being the third country in the world to be sued by an environmental activist group for failing to attempt to meet your Kyoto targets. And thank you, Stephen Harper and company, for making me ashamed to be Canadian.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ode to Malalai Joya

So Afghanistan's youngest member of Parliament, also its most outspoken female member, has finally been suspended from her post. The reason? It was determined that she had made some innapropriate comments about her fellow parliamentarians. This is, of course, after they threatened her with rape during a house debate. And four attempts have been made on her life by groups connected to the country's warlords - the very same warlords who sit in parliament today. Ah yes, and all this was happening while the Canadian government has been busy hosting President Karzai in Ottawa, and patting themselves on the back for their supposed success in bringing peace and democracy, and oh yes even women's rights, to Afghanistan. Where will Canada be when they finally kill her? Looking the other way, I suppose?

Of course, she wasn't the only woman to get kicked out of office this week - read on.