Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Benghazi? Ben-crazy!

These five Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian doctor have just been sentenced to death (by firing squad) for the second time. All five were working at Benghazi hospital (in Libya) when an AIDS epidemic broke out, infecting 400 children. So the Libyan president immediately drew the most rational conclusion: it was clearly "orchestrated by either the CIA or Mossad, the Israeli security service", and these health care workers had been sent there to carry out this eeeeevil Zionist plan. As you would. Read the whole story if you haven't already.

And now look at the picture more closely. The Palestinian doctor is kinda cute, right?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

South Africa joins the ranks

This is a week and a half late, but kudos to South Africa for legalizing gay marriage! Now, if only Tanzanian bishops could be as open-minded...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Immature post of the week: Indian men need smaller condoms


I'm just surprised that this news bit isn't coming out of Japan, from what I hear (ooh, ouch, that was below the belt). But yes, apparently condoms sized to international standards are just too big for the majority of Indian men, who are demaning a wider variety of sizes to be made available. Now, ladies, we all know the old saying... Kama Sutra, anyone?

Tehran hosts Holocaust (denial) conference

I just couldn't put up a picture for this one, guys - anything that could possibly be relevant would just be too offensive. So yes, surprise surprise, Tehran is hosting an international conference to investigate the Holocaust. Attendees range from former Klu Klux Klan members to (wait for it) a number of Orthodox Jews who, while they don't deny that the Holocaust happened, oppose its invocation as a justification for acts of aggression against the Palestinians. Um... yeah. I'm going to hate to say I told you so when Ahmadinejad gets what he appears to be asking for over and over.

One of the most outspoken critics of the conference is Iran's sole Jewish MP. Wait a minute. What?!? Iran has a Jewish MP? That has to be awkward.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The House saves the day

175 and 123 are the magic numbers people. While they mean that the same-sex marriage issue will not be re-opened in government, despite Harper-the-intolerant's best efforts, they also mean that there are 123 members of Parliament who have a problem with gay marriage. I call these people... Canada's Conservative Party. And we need to get rid of them before they ruin Canada's international reputation and jeapordize the planet's future... oh, wait, too late.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Italy loves fatties, too (but japan doesn't)

Well I think we've all seen this picture before, and we've all heard about Madrid banning severely underweight models on their runways, but glad to see that the trend is catching on. And Milan is a much more important city to enact a law like this in: models with BMIs lower than 18.5 or younger than 16 years of age are no longer allowed to do their little thing on the catwalk. Also banned is make-up to create dark undereye circles, because it is considered part of the 'anorexic look'. You can tell they had stylists on the panel.

And meanwhile, two Japanese politicians have vowed to lose weight to encourage others to lead a healthier lifestyle. The process (including photos of their bellies) will be posted on a web log that I can't seem to find.

Remember, folks, the ratio of overweight to malnourished people in this world is 5:3...